DaaS Box



DaaS Box drives sales, providing support to the manufacturer in those areas which are critical to selling their product.


We use our sales engineering methods to hone in on those areas which require our expertise, in line with the manufacturer’s situation, resources and capacities. To do this, we focus on one or several areas (or “boxes”) within the sales process. And all this without losing sight of the whole process, as all these elements are interconnected.

For instance:

  •  TPS-BOX (Tuning the Product to Sell) consists of market testing to help us identify any needed adjustments to your product, brand, etc. in order to tailor it to the market in question.
  •  SP-BOX (Spy Performance) consists of a direct channel audit, including joining the sales team for a short time to carry out a diagnostic of the situation and develop an improvement plan for the relevant sales processes.


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