“Usability from the cloud”


The manufacturer is a start-up that has developed innovative web usability software. Its staff solely consists of engineers and usability experts.



  • Distribution of their product in three countries (in Europe and South America) and a powerful international expansion plan for the most important countries of the Western world.
  • Business volume obtained in first year totalling 1.5 million Euros annually.
  • Sales forecast for second year: Eight million Euros based on a funnel of real opportunities.



  • Massively sell an innovative product that targets a real problem that has received little investment across sectors and is at a high risk of being copied by a potential competitor.
  • Generate demand in a context that is unstable and subject to permanent budget cuts.
  • Build a business model that has low entry barriers for the client whilst making a valuable contribution.
  • Obtain support from the community of users to which the product is targeted.
  • Attain a sales system that is replicable in multiple markets.



The team at DaaS Group took over the product’s sales processes, applying its “360º system” of distribution, which included the following:

  • Design of a SaaS Enterprise business model with a low entry barrier for the customer and guaranteed repeat business in the long term for the manufacturer.
  • Core marketing strategy: turn the product into a social investment with a powerful impact on the highest managerial levels within potential client companies.
  • Implementation of express market testing in selected segments.
  • The manufacturer’s domestic market was chosen as a testing laboratory. We carried out market segmentation to identify early adopters, quickly obtaining initial references.
  • Customized design and implementation of sales model, making changes to the product, and resulting in a spectacular sales demo which brought about the “One Shot” sales system.
  • Full documentation of the sales process, tools and metrics.
  • Development of a hierarchized sales network across the country. Training for sales network HR and monitoring of channel.
  • Distribution launched in different markets, applying the initial model and adapting business model and sales system to the new market cultures whilst supporting the manufacturer to help them adapt their product to said contexts and cultures.