Distribution as a service


Why DaaS?


  • Increase your sales systematically.
  • Sell your product in other markets.
  • Reduce your distribution costs.


  • Start selling your product quickly and systematically.
  • Quickly orient your products to the market.
  • Rapidly access multiple markets.


  • Make your investment quickly profitable.
  • Ensure profitable business models for your investments.
  • Measure your investment’s capacity for commercial success.

“At DaaS we quickly turn your sales potential into real sales”

“DaaS develops your product’s
sales DNA, giving it a statistical advantage on the market”


DaaS Belt

Your distribution belt.

With DaaS Belt, we provide a 360º distribution management system. Without the weak links.

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DaaS Box

The driving force behind your sales.

We provide you with support in those areas which are critical to your sales, in keeping with your company’s situation.

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Case studies

Usability from the cloud

The manufacturer is a start-up that has developed innovative web usability software. Its staff solely consists of engineers and usability experts.


Quality Certification in the Cloud

This case study involved a software engineering firm, with expertise in the development of bespoke projects and vertical ERPs for a variety of sectors.


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